Monday, March 25, 2013


Let’s get the introductions out of the way.  I’m Kerri, I live in the Orlando, Florida area.  I have a fabulous husband, Brian:
And I have two gorgeous and sweet fur-babies, Max and Meow-Meow.  I’ll include pictures of them later.  I have 2 nephews, and Brian has a niece and 3 nephews.  We like to think we’re are the cool aunt and uncle!
I’ve been wanting to start a blog about my running experience.  I need an outlet for all of my thoughts, and this will also be a great place to keep track of my races, times, and progress!  I started running a few years ago using the Couch to 5K program, and I loved it (which was a shock to me!)  But things happen - life gets in the way - work becomes too big and takes over your life - husbands lose their jobs - and I stopped running.  
Now here I am, about to turn 40, realizing I need to get in shape and lose a fewseveral pounds! Who wants to be 40 and flabby, right? So I started running again in January and haven’t looked back!  I did my first 5K in February and was immediately addicted, so now I’ve done five 5Ks.  I’m going to take this moment to document them, and then I’ll write more later.
The Color Run (Jacksonville) - Feb. 9 - around 50 minutes

First 5K ever and SOOOOO much fun!

Disney Royal Family 5K - Feb. 23 - around 50 minutes
Yep, we got up at 4:00 for this one.  Had to be there at 5:30 - it was still dark!  Craziness.  I think this is the day I realized how much I actually love running - why else would I get up at 4am on a Saturday?!

Adam Stratton Memorial 5K - March 2 - first timed race - 42:06
It was 45 degrees.  Crazy.  Some people probably think that’s not very cold (and actually, I don’t think it’s THAT cold - I used to live in Albany, NY!) but I had never run in weather like that.  It was a difficult run and my first 5K alone.  Brian was there to cheer me on, though!

St. Patty’s Dash & Bash - March 16 - 49:03
I blame Brian for my time. :) His back was really bothering him and he had to stop like 4 times! But I was committed to staying with him. My friends (Sarah & Staci) were WAY ahead of me on this one!

Rabbit Run Apopka - March 23 - 38:25 - personal record!
This picture was taken at 6:30am before I left.  I ran with Staci again. It was raining pretty hard when we picked up our packets, but it let up by the time we started.  I felt really good today and ran almost the whole time - a first for me!  I went shopping yesterday to get some wicking shirts, so I felt a little cuter than usual.  I think it made a difference. I love how you can see the string on my pants through the shirt - beautiful.
I also used this today for the first time:

I was so happy with it!  It fits on your hand tightly so you don’t have to grip it, and it holds 22 oz.  It was so nice to have my water with me.  I definitely felt more confident and prepared today than usual.
OK, I could keep writing forever probably, but then people will say TLDR - too long didn’t read!  Ha!  

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