Sunday, April 21, 2013

Just keep running past the finish line...

Thursday was probably my hardest workout yet. I'm doing more and more strength work, and I'm also running for longer and at a faster pace. Thursday we did some leg things that were hard - it's pretty bad when you have to do 12 reps and your muscles are already shaking on rep #2!  LOL!

After all that, it was Fartlek again - this time running 3 minutes at a fast pace, then 1 minute at my "happy" pace, with no walking. I was ok until the final 10 minute run - that one always gets me! I was thinking it must be almost over, so I looked at the clock and it had only been 1 minute!! I actually thought, "Maybe I could ask Bruce for a break today. I don't think I can do this. Maybe he'll give me an easy day." But then I reminded myself that that's not who I am anymore, and I can do this! It was so hard and I did resort to doing math in my head for the last 3 minutes or so, but I did it!

It was a great feeling of accomplishment, so I snapped this sweaty, flushed post-workout picture! I did a 5K on the treadmill today!

I had a 5K to run on Saturday, but my assignment from my coach was to run 5 miles.  The conversation went like this:

Bruce: You're going to run 5 miles on Saturday.
Kerri: But I'm signed up for a 5K!
Bruce: So then just keep running past the finish line and do 2 more miles!
Kerri: But they're serving pancakes!
Bruce: Even better...just keep running right past the pancakes!

LOL! So, Saturday. My awesome cheerleader/husband came along. He's a trooper, leaving the house at 6:15 on a Saturday morning just to support his crazy running wife! I was running alone, and I was a nervous wreck. When I ran 4 miles, I had Barbara there to talk to me and distract me! Was I going to be able to do 5 miles alone?
Pre-race nerves
I was still fooling with my headphones and trying to get my app ready when they said, "GO!" But I took off and assumed my position toward the back of the pack, as usual. My app alerts me at every mile, and I thought I'd never finish the first mile. When I did, I thought...only 1/5 of the way through. Ugh! I tried not to think about it by watching other people, listening to my music, praying, and reminding myself that I can do it!

I called Brian at mile 2. We tried to talk, but I was huffing and puffing and he was at the finish line where there were tons of people and some guy with a megaphone! So we didn't talk long, but I got the encouragement that I needed. (He's the best husband!) And I found out that it had been about 26 minutes. 13-minute-mile pace - that's about normal for me.

Just before mile 3, two old ladies ran past me. One of them was wearing a vest and on the back it said "You've just been passed by an 83 year old!" !!!!!!!! They started walking but I was still running, so I passed them, but then they ran again and passed me again and even though I picked up my pace, they still finished before me! LOL! This should give you a good idea of how slow I am!

I finished the 5K right around 39 minutes and just kept running. It took some focus. Everyone else finished, stopped, and celebrated. Someone did hand me an ice cold water bottle, and since mine was almost empty, I stopped and refilled it with cold water. It took about 15-20 seconds. I may also have poured half of the cold water over my head. :)
Just after the finish line, before the water dousing
And then, I was alone and it was peaceful and I was on a familiar path. My nerves eased up and I enjoyed the run! Brian found a seat on a bench and fist bumped me as I went by. I saw two other girls wearing bibs from the race, so they had obviously kept running, too! I smiled and waved at them a few times - and I may have done some fist pumping and yelled "wooooo!" LOL!

At mile 4, I realized I was actually going to do it - 5 miles without stopping! Then I couldn't stop the ridiculous grin, and I smiled at everyone I saw. I'm sure people wondered what was up with the crazy, sweaty, smiling, running chick! But I didn't care! I was so excited! I ran past Brian a second time and then it was over! He met me and congratulated me and I have to say, I was slightly emotional. I couldn't believe I had done it!

Being proud of myself is kind of a foreign thing to me. I'm always worried thinking about what I could've done better, or what other people think, or something else negative. I'm really trying to change that. I never really thought I could run. I'm still not a pro or anything, but that's not my goal. I'm always trying to beat myself, beat my own time, but mainly, I just love running! And I'm exercising and taking control of my body and health! Nope, I'm not skinny. I'm carrying about 20-25 extra pounds. But I'm working on a healthier self and that is what I'm trying to stay focused on.

Bruce already told me that my treadmill pace will be faster this week, and I'm going to run 6 miles next Saturday. (Did I mention I signed up for a 10K on May 11?) BRING IT ON!

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